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SEO Company in India

Every Business who wants to target somewhat Local or international audience must go through Local Target area, even though the local area is not that much useful. It will help you with some number of customers primarily also you can get some good branding for your services or Business. The Waypro best SEO Agency in India will do the complete analysis and audit to goal specific pages and keywords to get multiple keywords ranking on first page of search engine.

Require doing SEO for your website? Most trusted SEO Company in Noida, India, Waypro PVT. LTD. provides reputed and first-rate SEO services with guaranteed results at affordable price. We optimize your website/ business to get more audience and get top priority listings on various search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc). We help you to boost you in the world wide market and situate unique from your competitors.

Link Building Services

Our custom link building approach is mostly focused on obtaining high profile links to the website which in turn generates a good amount of link juice. The technique to build the links will be designed to develop an excellent SEO.

Offsite Optimization

A good number of inbound links from extremely reputed sites can generate a good SEO score and domain authority. We ensure great offsite optimization for your website.

Page speed Optimization

A Website speed is one of the top most SEO ranking factors. More rapidly page load means improved user experience and hence, better SEO rankings.

Mobile Friendliness Optimization

Mobile friendliness is as important as Page Speed. Google updated its algorithm for mobile in 2015, being mobile friendly became a key factor ever since.

Structured Data Optimization

Search engines are aware of about webpage through on-page optimization, but structured data can elevate search result with Rich-Snippets.

Site Structure Optimization

Structure of your website should be defined in an appropriate hierarchy. If your web visitor is capable to find their way through the site, so will the crawler.

Duplication Optimization

Content duplication optimization is most important part of SEO factor, whether by the actual content or by URL, is a very serious issue. Google marks it spam and penalizes websites.

Server side optimization

Server side optimization is best strategies for improve SEO ranking. Bad redirects or improper server headers adversely impact your SEO. Each header response has a different work and different meaning for crawlers.

Why is it so important?

Consider you have published a unique and meaningful article for users, but because it is not crawlable by Search Engines, It is left for the users to find out that article. A proper technically suitable website, on the other hand, might no longer approximately get the customers to the object; Search Engines could do that for you.

Now assume, if it changed into no longer simply an article but a simply top product web page on your internet site, you ought to make investments lots in selling that page without the Search Engines' help. It is accordingly very vital, no longer most effective to form a solid base in your internet site but additionally to mitigate the risks of penalties imposed through engines like Google.

What do you get?

Our technical SEO audits are the heart of all our activities on the Technical SEO front. Why we have included analysis of all possible issues which can hamper your website’s performance.

  • In depth SEO On-page & Off-page optimization
  • Keywords Analysis & Research
  • Crawl & Index Analysis
  • Domain Attributes Analysis
  • Backlinks Audit
  • Structured Data & Schema
  • Page Attributes Analysis
  • Sitemaps and robots.txt Audit
  • Site Structure Audit
  • HTML Correctness
  • PageSpeed Analysis
  • URL Structure Audit
  • Social Integration Audit
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Header Tag (H1, H2, H3)
  • Site Architecture Analysis
  • Create quality and unique website content